Our Vision for Menswear – Spring/Summer 2020

April 14, 2020 | By Alejandra Yzaguirre

Gentlemen, welcome to the new Roaring Twenties.  We’re entering the first fashion season of a new decade and we are excited to showcase our vision for this new season. 

Earth tones are in and they present some of the most interesting solids we’ve seen.  Advanced dyeing technology has created a new group of solid colors that are beyond what we’ve seen previously in yarn dyed, or piece-dyed fabrics. Subtle same-color variations create fabrics with depth and movement. This has allowed us to craft some very intentional, yet simple monochromatic palettes.

The word “suit” is often synonymous with “business” – we believe it doesn’t have to be. It’s not all business – it’s a lifestyle. This season we’re pairing custom floral patterned shirting, cashmere sweaters, and mandarin collared shirts with suits and sport coats to ensure you have the perfect social wardrobe.  Whether having a celebratory dinner, a cocktail party, or an entertaining evening with a special someone you shouldn’t ratchet back from refined taste.

In our lookbook, you’ll see a solid lavender suit paired with a lilac sweater, as well as a grey chalk stripe suit with an ivory sweater. Simple. Casual. Classy. For your summer travel and getaways, we highly recommend linen shorts and a custom henley shirt.  Adding custom casual pieces with simple patterns and color choices makes a statement and shows intentionality behind every facet of your wardrobe.

The best part about this time of the year, is the opportunity to brighten up your wardrobe and get more creative with color and fabric choices. We’re loving light blues, greens, and mustard yellows contrasted with camel window panes, ivory pinstripes, and navy check patterns for sport coats this season. The beauty of a sport coat is wearability. Whether you want to pair it with our custom chinos, denim, or trousers, it’s ready for any occasion.

Lastly, we pushed our boundaries this season – choosing very distinct and intentional details in our designs. While we love to let the cloth speak for itself, we’re proud of our minimal construction – so don’t miss our version of the Gurkha waistband and pleated pants.  


Our goal is to design and make custom, bench-made suits and menswear specific to each individual and their unique personality and lifestyle.  We want to help you ease the day-to-day decision making and create a wardrobe intentionally designed around your wants and needs. From professional, to social, to casual, our clothiers are here to help you create the perfect spring and summer wardrobe to look and feel great for all occasions.  

Spring/Summer 2020 is about finding the balance between casual and business and we are here to help.  To schedule a home or showroom consultation, contact us.

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