It has been great working with Drew and Brittany for the fact that as a bigger guy who tends to destroy pants often, it’s important to me that my clothier is never more than a text or phone call away. They have been like family and I have been honored to be able to bring them into the office knowing that they will treat my partners with the same enthusiasm they treat me with.

Financial Advisor Northwestern Mutual

The best thing about my experience with Drew is the personal touch he adds to the experience. He makes it about the client rather than his own business and each appointment feels very one-on-one. The details that go into every piece of the Harper & Jones process are what really make it impressive and one of a kind. Now that Drew takes care of me, I get compliments all the time. People tell how much they like my suits and ask me where they’re from.

CEO of NordCo Energy, I.S.R.B & NordCo Consulting

I work with Drew and Jason, not just for the quality of their products, but also for the educative approach they take to their business. Learning about the process that goes into what it takes to create a truly custom tailored suit is one thing, however experiencing it with the approach Harper & Jones has developed is another. My understanding of the importance of what it means to feel truly comfortable in a suit has also been greatly enhanced. In my line of work, which is in the corporate employee benefits industry, I always want to be as comfortable and prepared as I can be for my clients, so that they have the same experience that I have when I do business with the team at Harper & Jones. Also, having them meet me wherever is most convenient for me makes the process that much easier. Thanks, guys!

Personal/Business Economic Strategist at AR Commonwealth

Drew and the crew of Harper & Jones are a bright light in the murky waters of custom clothiers. After multiple negative experiences with other companies, I had sworn off custom clothiers. However, Drew immediately changed my mind upon our introduction. His professionalism, attention to detail, eye for cut and style and overall demeanor was enough to give him a shot. After receiving his product I was a client for life. The quality is amazing and the fit is outstanding. His proprietary fitting tools and software produce a cut of suit like no other. Thanks to Drew and the crew, I turn heads and am constantly complemented by those I come in contact with about my dapper wardrobe. Thanks, Harper & Jones!

Partner at Eagle Strategies

They understood my needs, and they produce over and over again what I want. The experience is comfortable- it’s like you’re shopping with your best friend- who’s got just as much style as you do. I always know what I want, but how they’ve helped me is that they’ve streamlined that process. They listen to what the customer wants, they understand what your style is and they provide you with the items that bring your style to life. Their fabrics are unbelievable, their service is incredible and they can give me the details that I want. Most importantly, they want you to be happy with what you’re wearing. I know that when I walk into a room wearing Harper & Jones, no one in the room looks like me. You don’t have to be a supermodel to have a sense of fashion, but you do have to have some coordination, and some style to get attention and the Harper & Jones crew can help you out with that.

President of FLUENT

Drew has been an amazing asset to my professional life. Before working with him, I wore the tired, boring clothing all professionals wear – navy blue, charcoal and pinstripe suits that didn’t even really fit that well. Drew now has me in pink sport coats, clothes that fit perfectly and has helped evolve my fashion to a place I never imagined it would be. As much as I love the clothes, the service and responsiveness of the Harper & Jones team is what really sets them apart from other clothiers I’ve worked with in the past. The quality and attention to detail in the clothing, along with the Harper & Jones team that will do everything in their power to make you look good, is reason enough that Harper & Jones should be suiting Dallas.

Brandon Ratzlaff, Private Wealth Advisor

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