Q&A: Co-Founder & COO, Brittany Nickolyn shares how Scabal Cosmopolitan inspired H&J S/S 2020.


Q: Why were you so drawn to use Cosmopolitan for our Spring/Summer Shoot?

Solids, solids, solids! I have never seen any solid fabric with so much dimension and character.



Q: Did anything surprise you about the fabrics once the looks came in?

Not at all. I was even more impressed in full construction! The colors performed wonders the second you put them on. It is indescribable how much the color changes with movement and light.



Q: You made formal looks from this collection, what were your favorite design details?

Monochromatic! I did this not only with formal, but with suiting looks and sport coat (smart casual) looks. All skin tones can pull monochromatic looks off as long as the bones of the fabric work with the individual you are designing for. I love a monochromatic look if it is all different textures. That is when the character and intention comes through.



Q: In addition to formal looks, you did casual looks (an H&J first). What was your inspiration behind these super casual and fun combinations?

I wanted to show how versatile you can be with just a few garments. You can easily pair a cashmere sweater with a suit, but also transfer it to a dressy denim and a sport coat for a completely different vibe. You don’t always have to be restricted by a category. Casual doesn’t always have to be presented as casual. Our clothiers are great at pairing casual with professional and making it work for the lifestyle of the individual.



Q: Scabal is a Harper & Jones favorite, what makes their collections stand out to you the most?

They are simply the best. I have no doubt, ever, if a client will feel like a million $$ when wearing their cloth. Their philosophy is quality – and that aligns with Harper & Jones perfectly. Scabal also does a great job at educating clothiers on why they are the best. People love a story and Scabal tells theirs with elegance and class.