Book Your Appointment

Where would you like to have your appointment? Visit one of our showrooms or let us come to you — anytime, anywhere.

We take a more comprehensive approach to building your wardrobe, have a faster turnaround time, and hold ourselves to a higher standard. Here’s a brief outline of what you can expect from your Harper & Jones experience.

How It Works

  • Measurements & Styling

    It all starts with good conversation to get a sense of your style and your wardrobe needs. During this appointment, we’ll take 25+ measurements using our proprietary process. We then begin selecting fabrics and custom details to craft your garments and build your new wardrobe.

  • Fitting

    About one month after placing your first order, we’ll have a brief fitting to check if minor alterations are needed. This is normal – it’s all part of the custom process. If you do need adjustments, your next fitting will be just right. We promise.

  • Delivery

    With your fit dialed in, we deliver your first garments and keep your pattern in our system – making it easier to build out the rest of your intentional wardrobe.