The grey suit upgrade: How the little things make the biggest difference.

The gray suit is a go-to garment in business menswear. It’s the uniform of the high-performing executives, investors, and attorneys doing what they do to be successful, but it’s safe. We say it doesn’t have to be.

A gray suit, while appropriate for all your day-to-day business activities, is a great opportunity to show some personality. Your suit is your canvas and a little color can set you apart from the masses. Try hints of green, purple, red, or pink in a patterned shirt, tie, or pocket square to liven up your gray suit. The most stylish of gentlemen coordinate each piece of their suit to compliment the color. It doesn’t take much to separate yourself from the sea of grey but believe us – your colleagues will take notice.

We’re all for keeping it simple but pushing basics beyond their boundaries is where style takes shape. In suiting as in life, the little things make the biggest difference. They keep things interesting, break you out of your mold, and make each day worth getting dressed up for.