Q&A: Why Co-Founder & CEO Drew Jones is a big believer in Swan Hill.


Q: There are so many year-round suiting fabrics to choose from – how does Swan Hill perform in unpredictable Southern weather?

To my surprise, I found out the fabric is naturally water-resistant because of the high twist. As an 8½ oz cloth, it’s great for the spectrum of weather we experience. It’s heavy enough to feel substantial and hold its shape, but light enough to breathe. 



Q: What surprised you about this line?

Being a high twist cloth, I’m surprised how great it feels. High twist fabrics tend to be more coarse to the touch, but Swan Hill is blended with cashmere, which makes it feel luxurious and have an incredible drape. I’m also very impressed with how wrinkle-resistant the fabric has been for me – especially with all the traveling I do.



Q: For what occasions do you recommend your clients wear Swan Hill?

This is the perfect business suit – especially if you are working long hours or travel often. It balances comfort with professional presentation, making it an effortless choice for any work-related occasion.



Q: We’ve worked with Holland & Sherry for years. What about them makes you so loyal?

Well, from the beginning, they’ve always been great to work with and have believed in us. They are extremely loyal to us, but I have always been confident in their lines because they exhibit a level of luxury in British Couture that is difficult to find elsewhere.



Q: Swan Hill has various colors and patterns in this line. Which are your favorite and why?

The sharkskin solids are easily my favorite from this line because they have a beautiful luster and depth, and they hold their shape. Brilliant blue, chestnut brown, and plum are ideal shades for the Winter to Spring transition period and have helped to brighten up my wardrobe.