Our Vision for Menswear Fall/Winter 2020

October 1, 2020 | By Alejandra Yzaguirre

2020 has certainly been a year of trials and challenges for all of us. The good news is that life inevitably continues to push forward and certainly, fashion and innovation continue to move forward.

My inspiration this season came from multiple sources but what excited me the most came primarily from the gentlemanly entrepreneurial spirit! This gentleman embodies The H&J Man, and yet has had to adapt quickly to the “new normal” with his business, his family, and his activities. This man moves forward with intention and does not look back. His wardrobe is no exception. In fact, it further motivated him to step up his game and meet the moment head on.

When outlining the overall theme we wanted to be sure to embody the true lifestyle of our clients and bring about a sense of warmth, confidence, and ease in movement when wearing H&J during this season. As a team, we strategically chose fabrics to show the importance of the structure in the garments and range in wearability in our casual to business professional looks. This collection offers a large range in lifestyle options for our clients; from the most casual to formal occasions ahead.

Fall is so exciting in the menswear world because the possibilities with “layering” create fascinating opportunities for the modern man. I am still in love with the monochromatic look as well as integrating more casual focused outerwear pieces. Outerwear is a game changer for any occasion. Custom Crew neck sweater, cord trousers, white sneakers, overcoat, CHECK! Three piece suit, knit tie, suede loafers, overcoat, CHECK! An overcoat is just an example of the versatility you can have with casual or business attire. Nevertheless, it still looks intentional and strategic.

I wanted to create two color stories this season so the flow of our images are more appealing. I researched the designers that inspire me the most and equate to the H&J Man, and some that were a bit off the cuff. We then created a cooler and warmer palette for versatility. I can work with warmer tones all day everyday, and wanted to challenge myself in the cooler tone category. I hope our clients find that some of the looks will challenge them. But hands down, will work for their lifestyle. Nothing is out of reach. Color not for you? No problem, the bones of the garment most likely is.

Most men tend to keep it safe and that is absolutely okay. As clothiers, we can still advise our clients on wardrobe pieces that they consider safe but allow them to explore opportunities that are out of their “norm” with our lookbook images. At Harper & Jones, suits are what we are known for. And we should be. We are the best. However, our portfolio is ever growing and I feel we highlighted our lifestyle pieces extremely well this season. I hope you all become inspired and enjoy the H&J FW 2020 story.

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