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Superior Custom Made Suits



Why D. Jones?



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Using our patented 40 point measuring process, we create customized, hand cut patterns for the perfect fit.
At D. Jones, the customization possibilities are endless. From buttons to thread, no detail is too small.
We use the finest materials and the best tailors. We take pride in our work and our garments are built to last.
Whether you use your initials or a full signature, custom monograms add a touch of personality and style.
Our custom, hand-stitched armholes make for a more comfortable fit and offer added durability.
Personalize your label, add an inner pocket and customize your lining. At D. Jones, every detail is your own.


Our Clients

Elvis Andrus
Elvis AndrusTexas Rangers Shortstop

Everyone that sees me wearing D. Jones is always amazed by it. I love all of the details of my suits, especially that I can do my autograph on my shirt cuff. I’m able to represent myself a lot through the clothes and every time I step out of the house wearing D. Jones, my confidence level is through the roof.

The D. Jones experience was amazing. When I met with him and got to know him I could tell he wanted me to feel better by looking better. He educates you about style and fashion and that’s not something you can get everywhere. He’s a great guy with a great personality and when we talk, we always have the same mentality. Hopefully we’ll stay working together for a long time.
Dr. David Brehm
Dr. David BrehmFamily Practice Physician

I think the D. Jones service that you get, is just something you can’t find very easily in today’s world. Drew’s team is interested in learning what you want, what you need out of a wardrobe and are very serious about getting that for you.

Through working with them, I have gained some confidence that I didn’t have before. D. Jones is unique in the way they have helped me refine my wardrobe. Drew has gotten me to go in directions I would have never gone on my own. He takes a personal interest in getting to know your likes and dislikes and he does his best to provide what you want. He’s a perfectionist and goes out of his way for his clients.