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Luxury Suits and Jackets for Men

D. Jones’ Bench-Made suit making process is more orthodox because we use all of the measurements, art and preferences of custom suit making, but your suit is made by a tailor and a sewing machine with hand finishing. Bench-made suits are handmade, therefore, they are luxury suits for men


Essential Wardrobe

Great For Buying Multiple Suits to Build A Wardrobe. The 100% wool cloth used in our Monet line is both durable and comfortable, which makes it a great choice for the gentleman aspiring to build a wardrobe of suits with an appropriate rotation. The Monet line offers a variety of staple colors and patterns for a timeless look.

Suit Jacket
$1,595 $1,295

Van Gogh

A Step Above

High Twisted Chilean Wool That Wears & Travels Great. The cloth used in our Van Gogh line boasts a uniformity and consistency in each fiber for added strength and excellent crease recovery, drape, comfort, and performance. Although this cloth is extremely durable and suitable for everyday wear, it utilizes finer yarns and wool microns for an extra bit of refinement. Rich colors and great staples permeate this line, making it one of understatement and class. Cotton & Linen Suits & Jackets Also Available

Suit Jacket
$1,895 $1,495

Da Vinci

Everyday Luxury

Where durability and soft wool meet. Our Da Vinci line is a must-have addition to the discerning gentleman’s wardrobe. Offering incomparable comfort and resilience, much of this line is constructed from a very fine worsted yarn blended with cashmere and silk. This keeps the body cool and dry in warmer climates while allowing the garment to maintain its shape. Silk also adds to the durability of the garment. Whether you want a classic look or something that will make you stand out in a crowd, this line has what you’re looking for. Cotton & Linen Suits & Jackets Also Available

Suit Jacket
$2,195-2,495 $1,695-1,895


Cashmere & Silk Blends

Truly elite cloth that offers timeless appeal. Our Picasso line is for the gentleman who isn’t interested in anything less than the utmost in quality. This line features hard to find fabrics that make for a softer fabric and lighter jacket traditional wools. The super-fine merino wool has been blended with hand-combed cashmere and mulberry silk, creating an exquisitely smooth, soft and lightweight cloth with luxurious handle and drape. This is a truly elite cloth that offers timeless appeal to the discerning gentleman who demands quality.

Suit Jacket
$2,995-3,495 $2,195-2,495


D. Jones Luxury Menswear

The lightest and softest fabrics that are near impossible to find elsewhere. Our Pollock line is for the aficionado of rare cloth. Beginning with super-fine merino wool, crushed crystals are then finely spun into the yarn to create an inimitable appeal. This line is for the gentleman of international class whose ability to command a room is his greatest asset.

Suit Jacket
$3,999-4,995 $3,095-3,795


Rarest Fabrics in the World.

Featuring the rarest cloth in the world, our Dali line is the ultimate in luxury. Beginning with only the absolute finest wool, cashmere and silk in the world, this cloth is then adorned with crushed crystals or 22kt gold that is finely spun into the yarn. This line also features the rarest cloth in the world, which is made from Vicuna. If the sky is your limit, our Dali line offers unsurpassed quality to the world’s gentlemen elite.

Suit Jacket
$5,995-39,995 $4,495-29,995


Fabric Suit Jacket
100% Cashmere $5,995-7,995 $4,095-6,095
Sapphire, Diamond or Gold Encrusted $9,995-14,995 $7,595
Rare Wools $6,995-19,995 $5,495-15,995
Vicuna $40,000 $30,000



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