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After graduating from Texas A&M in 2006, Drew took his business degree and moved to Asia where he experienced his first custom suit.  The business minded entrepreneur became intrigued and traveled to various cities across the United States, Europe, and Asia to learn about the inner workings of the custom clothing industry. To his surprise, he discovered that the industry was being taken over by companies using inferior fabrics and cutting corners on the construction of their garments. Drew knew he could do better.  His company would use materials of the finest quality. They would employ the most talented and experienced tailors, achieve the most precise measurements possible and offer an unmatched level of service. Thus,Harper & Jones was born

At Harper & Jones, our greatest strengths are our complete focus on quality and our fanatical attention to detail. In fact, Drew was so obsessed with precision that he patented his own measuring process that achieves the perfect pattern for each client along with the most precise fit possible. Drew and his team of wardrobe consultants bring the Harper & Jones experience to you. We provide unmatched fashion expertise and most importantly, we invest the time to help you build a wardrobe that’s not just a perfect fit for your body, but for your personality, occupation and lifestyle.